Sexual Wellnes 

Sexual Function and Urinary Treatments for Women and Men 

Regen Female Shot


The Regen Female shot, is a female genital injection that helps to rejuvenate the vagina through an injection of an autograft and/or allografts tissues into the clitoris and upper vagina as these are the most vital areas for sexual function and sexual performance in women.

The Regen Female shot helps activate weakened stem cells to renew and revive vaginal tissue that contributes to women’s sexual response. This means overall increased clitoral stimulation and often, better vaginal orgasm.

The Regen Female shot can also be an effective treatment for urinary incontinence.

Regen Female Winglift Shot


As women age, there is a lose of collagen and elastin in the skin, which gets thinner and tends to sag, the same occurs for the vagina.

The Regen Female Winglift shot, is a female genital injection that helps to rejuvenate the vagina through injections of an autograft and/or allografts tissues with/without a dermal filler into the outside vaginal tissues. 

The growth factors in the autograft and/or allografts tissues promote healing, collagen production and elastin production which can drastically help in a variety of skin conditions. The new collagen helps to tighten skin, rejuvenate elasticity and generally promote a fuller, more youthful appearance of the vagina. It can also increase sensitivity in the area. A natural filler, can also be injected into the area to sculpt and fill areas to complete the aesthetic appeal.

Regen Male Shot 


The Regen Med Male shot helps to rejuvenate and enlarge the penis using platelet-derived growth factors in your own blood. This shot stimulates tissue growth and new blood vessels to increase blood flow, resulting in an overall larger, stronger, and healthier organ.

Studies have shown that the autograft and/or allografts tissues used in the Regen Med shot also increases pleasure and sensation in the penis. It can be used as a treatment for men that suffer erectile dysfunction.

Shockwave Therap


Shockwave Therapy is a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual performance.  It’s a revolutionary, non-invasive therapy that is completely drug and surgery-free; it improves blood flow and promotes the development of new blood vessels.

Shockwave isn’t just for men suffering from erectile dysfunction; it helps all men obtain stronger, more enduring, and sustainable erections for peak sexual performance.

Treatments for sexual function are between 4-8 sessions, twice per week minimum; best paired with Regen Male Shot. 



Scrotox — Botox® for the scrotum — is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment where injections of the muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin type A are used to make the scrotum look and feel better.

Before Scrotox was used as a cosmetic treatment (since approximately 2016), it was used medically as a way to relieve scrotal pain due to inflammation if surgery couldn’t. Results from Scrotox appear about one week following treatment and last between 3 to 6 months.


Reduced wrinkles on scrotum

Testicles hang lower and appear larger

Decreased sweating

Decreased pain

Relaxes the area

Fuller, smoother testicles

Enhanced sensitivity equals more pleasurable sexual activity

Penile -Tox 


In the recent years, experts in the industry have begun using safe, powerful injections to support enhanced sexual health in men. A comprehensive study on the use of Botox for treating erectile dysfunction found “significant improvement in all parameters”. 

This treatment can help to:

Address erectile dysfunction

Enhance blood flow

Improve sensitivity and performance

Improve the visiblity of length of the penis